The project is co-funded from the European Commission (Grant Agreement reference 690462) |

Adaptation to climate change and disaster risk management are gradually entering the political agendas at different levels, fostering development of early climate services which need to be further settled to reach their full market potential. Many of these services may lead to successful, but incremental improvements of local resilience through supporting the creation of adaptation management. The INNOVA project wants to consider climate services innovations for transformational adaptation in addition to incremental adaptation.

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INNOVA has the following 5 Work Packages that facilitate the implementation of the INNOVA chain of climate services developments.

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INNOVA is designed to build on proven innovation frameworks, called “innovation hubs”, connected across the project and to the wider world (Mediterranean, North European and islands; urban and peri-urban areas) through the various networks in which the hub-partners are involved.

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INNOVA goes ECCA2021!

The INNOVA project presents the community of practice of climate services co-design at the ECCA conference 2021 ( You will have access to the information under the E-library of the conference

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