The project is co-funded from the European Commission (Grant Agreement reference 690462) |

Coordination and Management

Lead: HZG


In this work package, we will ensure that

  • project activities and their implementation are efficient and timely
  • resource allocation is properly expended

  • risk of failure is minimised

Description of Activities

  • In this work package management and coordination happens at the internal (between partners) and external (with end-users) level. This management structure supports the innovation management by the composed of the work package and task leaders. The Project Coordination Group (CL) guarantees overall and transdisciplinary management, coordinate work package activities and monitor innovation development progress and achievement of objectives. Management resources are distributed according to the functions described below.

    • Task 5.1 Innovation coordination. The coordinator guarantees an appropriate innovation research quality control. Through this task, the scientific coordination provides active and specific support to promoting communication and integration of the WPs within the whole project consortium, mainly by electronic devices to ensure a climate friendly research (email, drop box, web site, etc) and attending the INNOVA meetings.
    • Task 5.2 Operational management. This task aims to ensure smooth running of INNOVA and of the decision making structure, in order to monitor INNOVA progress, to manage reporting and appropriate exchange of information with partners and to prepare the updated implementation plan. Further operational management activities are:
      • to monitor the progress work and ensure that the individual tasks and deliverables are performed as planned and/or that the plan is modified
      • to organize the Project Coordination Group (CL) meetings
      • to define the general provisions governing the role and responsibilities of the partners
      • to provide advice on administrative and legal matters
      • to provide assistance with compiling the plan for using and disseminating the knowledge together with WP4
      • to attend all relevant INNOVA meetings
      • to facilitate annual (financial) reporting
      • to provide internal risk management guidelines and contingency plan

    Further duty of this task is to handle the consortium agreement (contract negotiation, cost control, financial flow, audit management, etc.).

    • Task 5.3 Risk and information management. Within this task, the CL is in charge of detecting risks. Risks will be mitigated by the actions described within the risk management plan and controlled by the INNOVA CL, in order to prevent any deviation from the plans. WP leaders will present an assessment of progress, and risks to progress, and propose contingency plans where necessary to address any specific identified risks.

Expected results and deliverables

  • D5.1 Creation of a risk management and information plan
  • D5.2 Yearly reporting on the project
  • D5.3 Report on the project achievements and impacts


  • M5.1 General Assembly meetings
  • M5.2 Midterm review
  • M5.3 End report review