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D 5.1 Risk Management

This document describes INNOVA Task 5.3 that deals with risk and information management. The risk assessment deals with overall coordination and communication risks important for WP5, but also Work Package and Hub-specific risks. The latter are presented in risk tables.


D 4.2 Innovation Hubs

The objective of this report aims to provide a context analysis (especially on physical and governance structure) of the INNOVA hubs.


D 3.1.1 Climate Service Development

This document aims to support the development of the Tasks 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 regarding business model identification, description and development for each of the hubs of the INNOVA consortium. All hub partners of the INNOVA consortium are required to deliver insights and work to the different tasks.


D 2.1 Risk Framework

Deliverable 2.1. supports best practices of multi- and trans-disciplinary collaborations while analyzing resilience and co-producing climate services. It aims for joint collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from scientists of various disciplines and from multi-partner collaborations with local and regional practitioners, authorities, entrepreneurs and the wider public.


D 1.5 Stakeholder Engagement Framework

The development of a stakeholder interaction protocol for INNOVA is a deliverable of Work Package 1 (WP1).  The development of the stakeholder engagement framework and protocol underscores the importance of developing a strong relationship between science and societal partners. The framework intends to preserve the relationship between project partners where partners are required to work in “someone else’s back yard”. The framework intends to protect existing relationships between hub leaders and their public and private sector networks upon which this project depends. This document presents the framework and the principles that underpin it.