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The French West Indies (Guadeloupe and Martini-que), as one of the INNOVA hubs, are representative for other Small Island States around the globe. Even though Small Island States are distinct in their geographical, biophysical, socio-economic and cultural characteristics, they share common challenges with respect to risk reduction and climate change adaptation. With this Ezine we want to highlight the need for specific climate services, which are tailored to the needs...
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Fresh water is a vital resource for human life – not just for drinking, but also for agriculture, washing and many other activities. Water is among the key natural resources that is going to suffer from the impact of climate change. Some of the main questions that the water sector is forced to answer are how to improve the efficiency of water treatment and supply facilities; how to face different...
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Beach wrack is primarily made up of seagrass and algae that has come loose from where it grows offshore and has washed up along the beach. This is often seen as nuisance for coastal communities and beach tourists, not only at the German Baltic Sea, but also in many other coasts around the world. However, there is also another side of this environment issue, where beach wrack can be seen...
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